Preserve Our Planet

Our ambition is to reduce environmental impact and preserve our planet’s health.

Responsible Sourcing

Subway® proudly serves communities across the globe and is committed to choosing supply chain partners that support high standards for environmental, animal and worker welfare.

In partnership with our franchisees and their supply chain cooperatives, the Subway® brand is committed to achieving sustainable and ethical sourcing and supply chain management. We support principles of responsible farming, fishing and animal husbandry - for the long-term sustainability of the earth's natural resources and communities across the globe.

Subway® believes that where our ingredients come from and how our animals are bred, raised, transported, and slaughtered are integral to preparing great food for our guests. We take the issue of animal welfare seriously and believe the ethical treatment of animals is an essential component of our commitment to responsible sourcing. Subway’s Animal Welfare Policy outlines our commitment to providing our guests with safe and quality food, in a responsible manner. It is founded on the Five Freedoms principles proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving animal welfare throughout our supply chain, we work with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), a widely recognized global leader in animal welfare. In collaboration with CIWF, we continue to evaluate emerging and evolving systems and practices to advance long-term improvements in animal welfare throughout our global supply chain.

Subway® supports animal agriculture methods and processes with improved animal welfare outcomes.

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